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        627 Squadron in retirement








        Photo Album

        Thorpe Camp

        At First Sight

        At Second Sight

        Mosquitos Airborne


        BEF Al Faw Video '05


        Welcome to the web site of 627 Squadron in Retirement, the association of 627 Squadron, Royal Air Force.

        627 now has enough material for a Documentary or a TV mini-series on a par with HBOs "Band of Brothers"

        We are now looking for a production company willing to invest in these projects

        Contact:  Dave Hunter: dave@

        Sergeants Jim Marshallsay and Nick Ranshaw with ground crew in front of their "pet" aircraft at RAF Woodhall Spa

        The Squadron Crest

        Possible Blue on Blue? Royal Marines are under suspicion. Where's the chippy?


        The Squadron existed for less than two years between 1943 and 1945 and its main role was to drop target indicators visually with extreme precision for 5 Group and later Main Force using the De Havilland Mosquito. Since 1989 many former members of the Squadron have held reunions and participated in various other events. This web site provides details of the Squadron's activities during the Second World War and up to the present day.

        This site has been selected for preservation by The British Library (www.webarchive.org.uk) and is archived regularly.

        Archived sites 'reflect national culture and events of historical importance'.

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